Here are my two non-fiction books, both of which are available on or Kindle Direct.

Integrated Strategic Communication

Influencing and Changing Public Opinion and Behavior


Integrated Strategic Communication (ISC) is a primer on how to influence and win the support of key constituencies and, when required, change public policy vital to an organization’s success. It offers the reader a 10-step model for organizing and integrating communication strategies in support of strategic initiatives.
This field-tested integrated strategic communication model is the result of the author’s 40 years practicing and teaching public relations and marketing communications. It also draws on his vast experience in developing and implementing communication campaigns in support of major initiatives, such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and new product launches. The model is also strongly influenced by an array of communication theory and research that underpins the practice of organizational communications. 



The Agile Manager's Guide to Managing Change

Downsizing, globalization, and new technologies-the state of today's economy makes dealing with change a key skill for all managers. This business guide gives managers the tools and theory they need to handle changing work environments and deal with common difficulties such as employee stress and resistance to change. By understanding how organizations and individuals handle change, managers learn how to better respond to change, articulate new visions, create and share goals, and motivate workers. Here are valuable tips for managers and entrepreneurs on overseeing every phase of a transformation, including how to assemble a change team, uncover potential fissures, and evaluate the process.


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