If you enjoyed The Illuminati Protocol, you should love this sequel, a Rick Steves tour of the United Arab Emirates, France and Poland, featuring wonderful scenery, beautiful countryside, historical sites and the occasional dead body or two. Just sit back and enjoy the cross-continental travel excursion while following a trail of corpses, all the work of a cold, calculating, and beautiful assassin and her killer mate.  Here’s a synopsis:

Two sicarii, the Illuminati’s deadly assassins, make their way from the Arab Emirates to the French Alps leaving a trail of bodies as they search for one of their own. They are cleaning up loose ends caused by the FBI’s disruption of the Illuminati’s child sex trafficking network. On their trail are SSA Bing Ingram and his FBI CARD team assigned to an Interpol task force charged with destroying the network uncovered in the United States. The sicarii and the task force find themselves in a cross-continental race to locate the one man who could cause the ultimate destruction of the network – a high-ranking member of the Illuminati Circle. With the lives of countless children hanging in the balance, the task force must find the cunning Circle member before the sicarii do. The race from Abu Dhabi to Torun is as thrilling as the Grand Prix … but far more deadly.