By Robert J. Ristino

The Barbarian Princess

Award-winning book that recently earned acclaim from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards!


In 84 CE, Alauna, a Votodini princess, is chosen by Cunorix, her father, to guide into the southern highlands of Britannia a Roman cohort of Legio XX Victoria Victrix. The Roman Military Governor, Gnaeus Iustius Agricola, has ordered the cohort north to build a fortress to protect the south of the island from marauding barbarians. Unlike her father, Alauna hates the Romans and longs to free her people. The trek north is filled with dangers as Alauna leads them into unforeseen perils. The cohort commander is a prefect of engineering, Tertius Vulpienus. She comes to admire his intelligence, strength and courage. What began as hate turns into respect and then into something unexpected as the Romans and their Votadini guides confront a danger that threatens them all.

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Robert J. Ristino

In another life I was a public relations professional, practicing for more than 30 years. Now, living by a beautiful lake in MidCoast Maine, I wile away my time walking my dog, writing, picking up after my dog, teaching, walking my dog. Ahhh, living life the way it should be.


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This was the first book I’ve read by this author Robert Ristino, but I certainly hope it’s not the last. He has a gift for writing descriptive and life-like scenes that make us feel like we are really there inside the story, as opposed to it all just being “told” to us, as so many rookie authors make the mistake of doing. I like that this book didn’t feel stale or derivative of every other thriller/kidnap book out there, but instead like a new niche of action and suspense that serves well to help diversify a somewhat cookie-cutter genre (in my opinion).  Recommend.

– From a Reader of Illuminati Protocol

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