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Really enjoyed the book. Kept

Really enjoyed the book. Kept my interest t throughout. Any student of the Roman Empire specifically the
Roman legions organization and their positive effect, both militarily and more importantly theiir introduction of laws and infrastructure on the then known world at that time will, read this with interest.
The interaction of the Briton princess and the basic religion of her people which centered on the natural world and the spirits that inhabited it mirrors closely the beliefs of the American Native Americans. Makes you wonder who was closer to the truth of the universe , them or the current Judeo Christian, Islamic religious view that have countenanced so much bloodshed in the last thousand years.

Arthur Ristino

Recently finished Dogs Vs. Aliens

Recently finished Dogs Vs. Aliens and found it to be an easy and captivating novel. As an avid dog lover, I empathized with each and every dog and character in the book. Perhaps one of my favorite paragraphs of all times is Mr. Ristino’s closing paragraph. A truly enjoyable read!

Elizabeth Wiesendanger

Amazing experience.

Amazing experience.

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