As the summer ended I finished writing my third book, Dogs vs. Aliens. I wrote the book with fifth graders from the Morse Memorial School in Brooks, Maine. The book was a project that I undertook as a volunteer to help the children with developing both their reading and writing skills while at the same time teaching them how to construct what they call a chapter book. It was a great experience and the result is a delightful sci-fi adventure featuring our favorite pet species—dogs. It should be out by mid-October. I continue to encourage you all to take the opportunity to volunteer at your local public schools—a great way to pay forward and so personally rewarding. For more information email me. A great book for dog lovers. Here’s a synopsis:

Aliens from intergalactic space accidentally land in Brooks, Maine. Their prime directive is to eliminate any and all lifeforms that threaten the orderly evolution of the universe. Among these is one extremely dangerous species—humans. As the aliens plan to destroy the humans they unexpectedly come in conflict with the species courageous protectors—the dogs of Brooks.