Dogs vs. Aliens is a novella  I wrote as a volunteer with the 2017-2018 fifth graders at Morse Memorial Elementary School in Brooks, ME. The book was a platform for teaching the children structure, plot, and character development in a long fiction piece. It was an enjoyable project in which the children learned as much from me as I from them. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Aliens from intergalactic space accidentally land in Brooks, Maine. Their prime directive is to eliminate any and all lifeforms that threaten the orderly evolution of the universe. Among these is one extremely dangerous species—humans. As the aliens plan to destroy the humans they unexpectedly come in conflict with the species courageous protectors—the dogs of Brooks.

The book is now in production and should be on bookshelves at your favorite bookstore later this month. If not, tell them to order it! You’ll also be able to find it on, at Maine Authors Publishing or through this website.