I spent this May once again teaching students at the University of Lodz in Poland. Always an enjoyable experience. Before I departed for home in early June, my dear friends Muhammed and Agnieska held a fete for me at their language school in Lodz. Muhammed wanted to recognize the publication of my first novel, The Illuminati Protocol. I told him that while it was thoughtful, I didn’t need such recognition but Muhammed being Muhammed, the event went off as scheduled. And, of course, it was delightful. 

He and Agnieska had arranged a large instruction room in theater style and all the seats were taken with friends and clients of the school. I was seated embarrassingly in front with Muhammed and my good friend and colleague, Dr. Joanna Michalak, who was also invited. Among the guests were three teenagers, one an aspiring writer.

Muhammed introduced me to the audience, I talked a little about the book and about writing, and then we had an hour-long conversation about many things. It was both delightful and enjoyable. Muhammed and Agnieska had brought together a warm and gracious group. Prior to our discussion, Muhammed had distributed to the attendees a business size card with my photo, name and book cover. The man knows how to market. 

We then had refreshments, including a massive, scrumptious, chocolate covered mousse cake with both my name and the title of the book artfully inscribed on top. The cake was a gastronomic tour de force. Photos followed. 

What more can I say about Muhammed and Agniseka. They both cared for me while I was sick and when I was well, celebrated me as if I were family. Two lovely people. My thanks and appreciation, always.