The Illuminati Sanction

By Robert J.Ristino

A Preview of What’s Inside

As part of an Interpol task force, Supervisory Special Agent Bing Ingram and his team assist in destroying an international child sex trafficking ring operating out of Europe. Returning home, the FBI agents are unaware that a leader of the trafficking ring is also headed to the States to exact revenge on the man who killed her lover. Her target—SSA Ingram.


The Illuminati Circle

By Robert J.Ristino

A Preview of What’s Inside

Two assassins—members of the secret sicarii—leave a trail of bodies as they hunt the one man who could destroy the Illuminati child sex trafficking network. With the lives of countless children hanging in the balance, SSA Bing Ingram and his FBI team join a group of crack Europol agents committed to finding the man before the assassins do. It’s a wild and dangerous race across continents as thrilling as the Grand Prix…but far more deadly!


The Illuminati Protocol

By Robert J.Ristino

A Preview of What’s Inside

When SSA Bing Ingram leads his FBI team in search of an abducted 11-year-old taken from her bedroom in the middle of the night, the harrowing search leads them to a frightening discovery – the existence of an international abduction-for-hire child sex trafficking ring.
The story begins in Dubai, where Mahmood ibn Abadi, a bank executive in the Emirates, has placed a $1-million order with a sex trafficking network for procuring a prepubescent, pretty, white, Caucasian girl. When delivered, she will become the concubine of a rich, powerful Sheikh, one of the banks most important clients.
To fulfill the order, an operative of the network, Lyle Stembeck, searches and finds a girl who meets all of the client’s specifications, abducting her in the middle of the night from her bedroom. The only ones taking notice are two neighborhood dogs who begin tracking her and her abductor. Local and State Police, and the FBI’s northeast regional Child Abduction Response (CARD) Team soon join in the search. Team leader Ingram knows that if they don’t find Katie within 24 hours, they never will. He realizes that the key to finding Katie is to follow the trail of the two neighborhood dogs tracking her. As the search begins, Special Agent Ola Dambrowska, a member of the CARD team, is convinced that the abduction is the work of an international child sex trafficking ring called the Illuminati.

Unveiling the Secrets: A Thrilling Journey through the World of Illuminati Books

Unveiling the Secrets: A Thrilling Journey through the World of Illuminati Books

“The Illuminati Sanction” by Robert J. Ristino is a page-turner that combines elements of Illuminati books, crime books, mystery books and suspense thriller books. It takes the reader on a journey through a world where an FBI supervisory special agent and his team take on an international child sex trafficking ring operating out of Europe. As the plot unfolds, readers are taken through a series of suspenseful twists and turns as the agents try to unravel the secrets of this underworld international sex trafficking ring and the true intentions of the Illuminati. The Illuminati Sanction is an exciting and unique international crime book that takes the reader on a thrilling ride through a world filled with conspiracy, power, and intrigue, where the fate of thousands hangs in the balance. The fast-paced narrative and intricate plot keep readers engaged and on the edge of their seats as they try to piece together the clues and solve the mystery of the Illuminati. If you’re a fan of Illuminati books, sex trafficking books, or FBI books, then “The Illuminati Sanction” is a must-read that will keep you captivated from start to finish.

Interpol Books: Uncovering the Dark Secrets

“The Illuminati Circle” by Robert J. Ristino is a thrilling novel that explores the secret world of the Illuminati. Admirers of Illuminati books, Interpol books, and dark web books should read this book. The narrative leads you to the Illuminati’s hidden world, where two assassins leave a trail of bodies. The protagonist, a skilled SSA agent, and his team, are tasked with finding these assassins as part of an international Interpol manhunt. As the agents delve deeper into the Illuminati network, they uncover a worldwide criminal enterprise that makes milllions from the abduction and sale of tens of thousands of children. The Interpol team must navigate the treacherous world of the dark web and use their skill and experience to stop the Illuminati before more children are lost forever. The story is filled with suspense and a series of twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat. “The Illuminati Circle” is an intriguing tale that will keep you entertained and leave you wanting more. If you’re looking for a book that combines the best of Illuminati books, Interpol books, dark web books, and Europol books, then this is the book for you.

The Illuminati Protocol: One of the Most Engaging and Thrilling Mystery Books about Sex Trafficking

“The Illuminati Protocol” is a thrilling expose of the dark underbelly of the world of sex trafficking. Written by Robert J. Ristino, this action-packed novel is a must-read for fans of mystery books and FBI books. The plot revolves around the efforts of an FBI team as they work to uncover the truth behind a sinister organization known as the Illuminati. This group is responsible for the kidnapping and selling of young girls to the rich and powerful. The book is filled with dramatic events, making it an exciting story for anyone looking for a suspenseful and compelling read. The characters are well-developed, and the plot is both engaging and thought-provoking. “The Illuminati Protocol” will excite you, and keep you wondering what awaiits you as you turn each page. This book explores that often ovelooked tragedy of international sex trafficking that combines suspense, thrills, and mystery. If you are fascinated by the genre of sex trafficking books, you should read The Illuminati Protocol.


Great read

“The sequel to The Illuminati Protocol, takes the FBI to Europe and with the help of the international law enforcement authorities continue to delve into the human trafficking underworld searching for the head of this snake. As with the previous book, there are many twists and turns but with satisfying results. Another can’t put it down book from this author, pick up the book and hang on for another great ride.”


The FBI Hunts International Outlaws in Europe

“Another great read from Bob Ristino. Continuing from the first in the series, with this not so common issue of child sex-trafficking, we’re taken to some more exotic European locations. Bing Ingram and his international team of investigators continue the hunt for the ultimate leader of this terrible organization known as the Illuminati. Some great local “color” as well as some thrills as they work to destroy this menacing group.These people keep a sense of humor in spite of the deadly work they’re doing. I can’t wait for the next novel of this group’s efforts!”

Bill B

Does not disappoint!

“The second book in this series continued the fast paced, mystery thriller of the first! You will find yourself cheering for the good guys! Can not wait for the third book!”

Robin. Volponi -The Illuminati Circle (Illuminati Cycle Book 2)

This book was great!

“Although the subject matter is disturbing, the story was so well written it made you feel you were right there with the characters. Descriptive and well explained so you can easily follow the story from different perspectives. I enjoyed reading it very much, especially liked the surprise 4 legged characters, and am beginning the next book asap.”

Robin. Volponi - The Illuminati Protocol

this new author and the second one does not disappoint. I really enjoy the writing style

“After reading the first book in the Illuminati series I was greatly anticipating more from this new author and the second one does not disappoint. I really enjoy the writing style, the dry humor throughout, and especially the well-developed characters. The story has a lot of plot twists, suspense, and non-stop action.
If you are looking for a new thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further..”

hockey17 - The Illuminati Circle (Illuminati Cycle Book 2)

Action and momentum right up to the end

“I usually read historical fiction so The Illuminati Protocol Book 1 and The Illuminati Circle Book 2 were a nice change of pace. Book 2 continues with unusual and interesting characters and a whirlwind of action. Read this one in the daytime; it won’t put you to sleep at night. The author is quite the story teller and he keeps the momentum of his books going right up to the end!”

Karen - The Illuminati Circle (Illuminati Cycle Book 2)

great suspense and waiting impatiently to read the third one …

“captivating book. great suspense and waiting impatiently to read the third one of the serie. Very pleasant reading material.l”

jean-jacques tay - The Illuminati Circle

Illuminati Protocol by Robert Ristino

“For a price, anything is for sale, especially for the members of the Illuminati network. After an order is placed for a young and pretty white prepubescent female, an operative must locate and procure the “merchandise” for the buyer. When the girl, Katie, is discovered missing from her own home, the FBI’s Child Abduction Response Team, led by SSA Bing Ingram, is mobilized. If Katie’s not found within 24 hours, she’ll disappear into the underworld child sex-trafficking ring…the Illuminati network. THE ILLUMINATI PROTOCOL is a well-written and fast-paced story. Katie, the FBI agents, and the local police are all very well-developed as characters. Even the dogs were an integral part of the story. The ‘bad guys’ were a little less developed and, of course, the Illuminati network was hidden in shadow. THE ILLUMINATI PROTOCOL is a solid story about a very sordid underworld.”

Star - The Illuminati Protocol

Great read, good character development

“Great read, good character development, nice twist with the use of the dogs. Looking forward to more of the same from this talented author.”

hockey17 - The Illuminati Protocol

Interesting and different story line

“Very good read, good story line. I look foreword to Ristino’s next book!.”

Kindle Customer - The Illuminati Protocol

You’ll enjoy the uniqueness of this author’s first novel!

“I just finished reading The Illuminati Protocol. I am a voracious reader of the mystery and thriller genre, including many of the Amazon first novel offerings, and I’m happy a friend loaned me a copy of this book. The storyline was different, not the typical terrorist or other threat, but one that could be imaginable for many readers, abduction of children. I found this book well written and enjoyable and the characters were believable and engaging. The introduction of the amazing dogs was an interesting addition to the plot. If you’re like me, you’ll want to read more exploits of this specialized FBI team.”

Bill B - The Illuminati Protocol

If you love dogs and children – read this book!

“The author does a great job of captivating your attention with the story line. This book is a great read filled with detailed plots and shifting paradigms. The writing is excellent with graphic descriptions of the scenes. This is a great testimonial to both the love and loyalty that one can gain from their four legged friends. If you are a dog lover or care about the safety of children – this is a great book to read. The ending leaves you hanging and I hope the love story continues. I hope to be able to get my hands on the second book. Thanks for writing such a compelling story on a serious topic that needs more global exposure.”

Flo Lucci - The Illuminati Protocol