I’m almost finished with the first draft of The Illuminati Circle, the sequel to The Illuminati Protocol. The sequel is a continuation of the original plot but with an international flavor that was touched on in the first book. As you recall, members of the FBI CARD team had travelled to Abu Dhabi to find the man who ordered the abduction of Katie Gaines. Now Interpol has requested the team join an international task force to rip apart the heinous international child sex trafficking network in Europe operated by members of the Illuminati Circle.

Our intrepid Card team, led by its idiosyncratic leader, Bing Ingram, joins the EU task force in Paris. The task force includes an Interpol inspector from Sweden, an inspector from Britain’s Metropolitan Police (aka Scotland Yard), a French National Police Captain from Europol, and a gregarious Polish National Police inspector.

The sequel features, tension, suspense, action and good old fashioned police work as the task force members travel from the United Arab Emirates, to Marseille, the French Alps and then to Warsaw and Lodz, the cultural heartland of Poland, the crossroads of Europe. And, of course, there’s a modicum of romance. Bing begins an intense relationship with Trish D’Amadeo that heats up more than my pages, and in Paris, where the air itself is an aphrodisiac, Larry Coughlin, the tall, quiet FBI special agent, meets….well, you’ll have to read the book to find out who he meets in Paris (that’s called a teaser!).

I plan to have the book available sometime in the fall. Hope you will join Bing Ingram and his team as they hunt down members of the infamous Illuminati Circle.