My apologies to all for leaving my blog fallow for so long.

In the future, I will endeavor to be more active blogging on my new site. I’d like to begin by reminding you that my latest book, The Illuminati Sanction is now available.

You can order a copy from my site.

It completes the Illuminati Cycle with an action packed story line. If you’ve read the two prior books—The Illuminati Protocol and The Illuminati Circle—you should thoroughly enjoy the last in the series.

I personally think the books have improved as I’ve grown as a writer and storyteller. While the Cycle is over, I plan to continue to involve Bing and Trish in further adventures with international crime. So stay tuned.

Currently, I’m seguing from the suspense-thriller and sci-fi genres to historical romance with my latest writing endeavor—The Barbarian Queen of the North. For more on this in-the-works novel go to Coming Soon on this site.

Look forward to hearing from you so keep the comments coming.