Princess Alauna is one of two main characters in my latest novel, The Barbarian Queen of the North. From the very beginning I had an idea of who she was and what she would look like. However, as I continued to write she acquired her own persona,
seeming to become without me.Soon,I did nothing but allow her to develop as the woman she was destined to be.Alauna is such a powerful driving force in the story line that I wanted her to adorn the book’s cover. Bringing her to reality would require the skills of a very intuitive,talented artist. Through an acquaintance, I was put in contact with Clare Shailes, a wonderful artist in Cornwall, the United Kingdom, with a unique talent for capturing the spirit that dwells within. We made contact and I asked if she would take on the project of giving life to his remarkable character. She accepted. Within a few weeks I was rewarded with this portrait of Alauna, a princess of the Votadini, whose green eyes sparkle with both mystery and passion. Soon you’ll come to know Alauna and the exciting journey she takes across ancient Britannia with Tertius Vulpienus and the legionaries of the Twentieth Legion. Coming soon to your nearest bookstore!