Here is the first of a group of indie book blogger reviews of my book, The Illuminati Protocol. All the reviews are either very good or good, not bad for a first novel. Here’s the first of those reviews. I’ll be posting others over the next few days.

I really enjoyed this book, “The Illuminati Protocol”. I thought it was unique, and excellently written (a few editing things aside) and kept my attention from the dramatic, heartbreaking opening to the satisfying finish. I was wondering how it was going to all tie together and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed! It is a relatively quick read, one I finished in the course of a few evenings. I think the narrative prose was well-done, and I was genuinely surprised at a few things that happened. Robert Ristino does a wonderfully convincing job of creating as believable background for the plot to unfold. This book does touch on some pretty heavy subject matters and there should be trigger warnings for the subject matter and shocking events. A powerful, mind-bending read that kept me captivated. Liked the characters and the pacing was solid. Although this is labeled as a YA or Teen book on Amazon, I believe that categorization to be incorrect and would recommend for Adults who like complex, dark thrillers and suspense. (4-5 stars) Steph Coleman— Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers